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Food for thought

Feedback That Provides Focus

We can’t avoid feedback. Processing ideas and synthesising feedback is a big part of what we do for a living. I have had plenty of…
Business Intelligence

How Businesses Can Solve the Internet of Things’ ‘Value/Trust Paradox’

Organisations that want to gain from the burgeoning world of IoT must work to gain their customers’ trust on issues of data security and collection,…
Artificial Intelligence

My 3 Predictions On Digital Transformation Trends That Will Rock AI and Big Data in 2018

Digital transformation is a hot topic within the business world, but in my opinion, many organisations are yet to fully understand what exactly it entails…
Digital Transformation
Strategy, not technology, drives digital transformation
Business Intelligence
Can Machine Learning Become More User-Friendly?
Internet of Things
Bluetooth 5 – the Biggest Breakthrough in the IoT in 20 Years
Business Intelligence
The End of Advertising, The Beginning of Relationships
Food for thought
Focus on What You Do Best and Outsource the Rest
Blockchain, The Hidden Gem of Bitcoin